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  Since 1969 Shaaban Hassan established MODELAGE , an innovative company that has stood alone since its inception .        MODELAGE is the  first company in Egypt to bring imported , state of the art technology to its clients.

 We have a wide range of accessories that will liven up any boutique and brighten any store. Modelage is committed to its    customers and has a variety of items that are made to impress..
 Our specially crafted clothing labels will always remind clients where their favorite outfit was made.
 Modelage mannequins are so life - like they often cause women to blush and men to wink ..

 Our attractive stands and unique display items make a simple necklace and earrings set look like a queen's jewels ..


 Modelage is a sole agent to GENESIS company in Egypt. GENESIS MANNEQUINS design and produce high-class and trend-lead shop window mannequins, busts and displays for the international fashion industry..


 Modelage is a sole agent to MAINETTI company in Egypt . Mainetti is committed to having the highest level of quality in the industry. They achieve outstanding quality performance through rigorous quality systems and standards and continued investment in every aspect of the production and inspection process..





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